Equipment and Software for Testing and Data Acquisition

strain gage balance & bridge amplifiers strain gages and rosettes accelerometers
load cells & contact force sensors instrumented force hammers pressure and shock transducers
FM telemetry thermocouples data loggers
multi-channel analog-to-digital converters MatLab™ signal & data analysis software COSMOS™ finite element analysis software
AutoCad™ design & drafting software networked dedicated workstations scanning electron microscopy associates

Instrumentation maintained by Structural Acoustics includes acceleration, strain, deflection, force, and pressure sensors, as well as  signal analyzers, telemetry systems, analog filters, signal conditioners, oscilloscopes, and data loggers. Test fixture components and structures are designed in AutoCad™ and often fabricated using CNC machinery at local facilities. SAI also maintains state-of-the-art multi-channel instrumentation amplifiers, analog-to-digital conversion capability, and high-speed computer workstations. Field data is typically analyzed and graphical presentations prepared using MatLab™ software on NT workstations. When computer modeling is used for comparison or failure reconstruction, COSMOS™ or MSC-NASTRAN™ are the FEA packages of choice. The company works closely with experienced metallurgists with sectioning, microhardness, light microscope, and scanning electron microscopy expertise.