The company's founder is a mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience in manufacturing methods, engineering design, stress analysis, failure investigation, component testing, experimental methods, accident reconstruction, and testimony as an expert witness. His colleagues and associates also have expertise in metallurgy and materials science, with extensive experience in failure analysis, metallurgical light microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy. 

The principals of the company have worked with large corporations and government agencies, and with individuals and law firms, to gathering information and data, perform analyses, and report results. Where appropriate, findings are presented in published journal articles; results also may appear only in sworn deposition or trial testimony as an expert witness. The group includes engineering educators, inventors with sensor, system and device patents, and researchers who have authored or co-authored dozens of technical journal publications and corporate reports.

Educational backgrounds within the company and its associates and consultants include:
Acoustics and Arrays
Analog Electronics
BioMedical Engineering
Digital Electronics
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Sensor Design & Fabrication
Signal Analysis
Software Development
Vibration & Modal Analysis

Dr. Allen C. Eberhardt, Ph.D.
President, Structural Acoustics, Inc. 

Hands-on R&D, and an experimentalist with over 30 years of experience in engineering design, stress analysis, failure investigation, component testing, clinical data acquisition, animal models, experimental methods, manufacturing, and accident reconstruction. As an engineering educator and researcher, he was principal investigator for $4MM in research grants and contracts at North Carolina State University. Working extensively in mechanical design and experimental testing, he holds sensor, system and device patents. He is author or co-author of over forty technical publications in journals and proceedings, in addition to numerous corporate reports, and has worked with many engineering applications within the university, and in private industry. 

North Carolina State University   Research projects and contracts totaling over $4MM,  including IBM, U.S. DOT, and AT&T. Twelve years on the faculty in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Director of the Undergraduate Design Laboratory, and  Director of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

Structural Acoustics, Inc.   Founded the engineering consulting firm in 1980 for design, modeling, analysis, and testing. Clients of Structural Acoustics have included Black & Decker, Bosch, CP&L, Goodyear Tire, Pfizer, and Westinghouse.

MedAcoustics, Inc.   During the past five years has also served as Vice President and Chief Technical Officer for a venture-backed biomedical R&D company, where he directed a team of electrical and mechanical engineers in design of sensors, software, and systems for use in the noninvasive detection of coronary artery disease.

Accident Reconstruction Analysis, Inc.   Failure analysis, experimental stress analysis, modeling, vibration and fatigue experience brought him to the attention of a colleague, who became the founder of Accident Reconstruction Analysis. Dr. Eberhardt has consulted for many years with ARAI in a wide range of failure cases and accidents, and serving as an expert witness.